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Students of the Month for April
7th Grade:
Blake K. has shown great improvement over the course of the second semester. He is a hard worker and proves to be a good citizen who is always willing to help others.

Rauri C. has shown great determination in class and is a strong communicator with her group members. She continues to strive for excellence and we appreciate having her in class.

8th Grade
Mallory S. is the model student. When it comes to diligence, attitude, and effort, Mallory is at the top of her class. We are so lucky to have had such an amazing, mature young lady in our classrooms this year. We know Mallory will continue to excel throughout her next adventures in high school. Keep up the AWESOME work!

Xavier H. is a joy to teach. He is eager to learn and asks intelligent questions in class. Xavier always puts forth his best efforts and will be truly missed next year as he continues his educational journey in high school.

Silver Bluff will be gaining to amazing young minds! Thanks for an awesome year, Mallory and Xavier!

Students of the Month March

The Sixth Grade is team is proud to nominate Preston R. and Keylee F. for our March Students of the month. If there were two students that show more preparation for the 7th grade it would definitely be these two sixth grade students! They’ve almost perfectly exemplified effective communication, preparedness, and dependability as Jackson STEM students

7th grade: Camille D. and Charlie W.
Camille has shown great strides in growth in her classes. She is on task and showing determination to finish strong this year. We appreciate her efforts and know that she will continue to show growth. Camille's smile and bouncy personality makes her a great asset to the class. She is a pleasure to have in class
Charlie has made amazing progress in all of his classes since transferring here to JMS. He is engaged in his classes and participates well. He shows great focus and determination in his tasks. He is a pleasure to have in our classes.

The 8th grade students of the month for MARCH are:
Bentley B and Emilie M
These two students set a perfect example of how to successfully prepare for high school. They come to class prepared everyday, complete their assignments on time and are always willing to help out.
We are proud to have Bentley and Emilie represent our 8th grade for this month and encourage their peers to follow their success for 4th Quarter!


Students of the Month for February: LySavion, Morgan, Miracle, Bryan, Alexis, and Hunter

8th grade:
LySavion J has such a positive spirit and wonderful singing voice! He participated in the chorus and performed during the Black History Month program and it was awesome! LySavion is a hard worker and puts forth his best effort when it comes to his school work.

Morgan C is a sweetheart and is always willing to help out her classmates. She has demonstrated great leadership and group work ethics during the month of February. Morgan continues to excel in her classes and is preparing for her transition to high school.

7th grade:
Miracle P has been doing an excellent job staying on task in class, persevering through assignments and being a true leader in class when it comes to her academics and behavior. Thank you Miracle!

Bryan H. is one of the most dependable and helpful young men here in the 7th grade. He is polite and respectful to all of his teachers and fellow classmates. He is a pleasure to have in class and we look forward to much more from him. Thanks Bryan!

6th grade:
Alexis is a hard working student. Her pleasant personality fills the room in a positive way. She’s always engaged and has a great sense humor. Alexis is creative and brings learning to life with her lyrical explanations of learning objectives.

Hunter T's reserved mannerisms and great smile brightens any classroom. He models exceptional communication skills when collaborating with other students. Hunter is inquisitive, always focused and puts academics first, exemplifying the ideal STEM student.

January SOM
6th Grade
Eric N. shows great enthusiasm for learning.  He is making responsible choices both academically and socially.  We are proud Eric's determination to succeed!
Throughout the school year Alyson H. has been consistently dependable.  She is prepared for each class with her supplies and ready to learn!  She has made great strides in her communication skills this school year.  Way to go Alyson!
7th Grade
Erica C: Erica is a wonderful asset to the learning environment. She is a determined learner who asks all the questions she needs for clarification. She is respectful and helpful to everyone that she meets and interacts with. She is dependable and is always found to be prepared. She is a joy to have in class. 
Ethan B: Ethan is very kindhearted and respectful young man. He is always found on task and ready for the challenge of anything given to him. He also shows determination when things get hard. He is helpful and always willing to assist fellow classmates when they are having difficulties. He is a pleasure to have in class.
8th Grade
Gracie P. is a wonderful student. She has such a positive attitude and is always willing to help in the classroom. Gracie is working hard this semester in preparation for high school. Thanks Gracie for being a great peer role model!
CJ K. has the best personality and is always eager to learn new material. He asks intelligent questions and is doing well in all of his classes. CJ also volunteers to help out in the classroom and in the office.
These two students are great representatives for our 8th Grade Class! Keep up the good work!

6th grade:
Blake S: Blake is one of the most hard working students we have in the sixth grade this year! He perseveres through the tough information and works to apply all learning principles effectively through his STEM activities. Blake is a capable learner and an even more willing teacher of knowledge. He truly personifies Albert Einstein's quote: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Congratulations, Blake!
Brenda F: What can we say about Brenda that her outstanding academic marks don't already say? Brenda is an outspoken leader of character, commitment and communication. She continues to stun her teachers as she works to be her best, and make everyone around her a success as well.
7th grade:
Emily S: Emily is a really hard worker in class. She is always participating and gaining her understanding of concepts. She is always found to be polite and helpful. She is a pleasure to have in class.
Aubrey N: Aubrey's citizenship shines through each time he walks into our hallway. He is always found to be polite, helpful, and respectful. He is dependable and shows determination by maintaining his academics and athletics. He is a pleasure to have in class.
8th grade:
Breanna K: Breanna is a hard working 8th Grader! She puts forth her best effort when it comes to her school work. We are proud of her accomplishments in 8th grade and love seeing her sweet smile every day!
Austin R: Austin has been working hard the semester getting prepared for high school. He always completes assignments on time and done well on his semester exams!
These two students are great representatives for our 8th Grade Class! Keep up the good work!

November Students of the Month: Itza P,  DreShaun A,  Nancy S, Devin G,  Ja’Qorie L, and Charles J.
6th Grade: Itza and DreShaun
Itza works to be one of the best students in the sixth grade.  Her determined attitude is contagious among her peers!  Keep working hard, Itza!

DreShaun's attitude, motivation and work ethic have greatly improved during his time here at Jackson Middle.  His attitude has evolved into one steeped in determination and innovative thought: two of the most important STEM student attributes.  Good job, DreShaun.  We're very proud of you!

7th Grade: Nancy and Devin G.
Nancy is a determined young lady in all of her responsibilities and tasks. She is an effective communicator with her group members when aiding in understanding. Nancy is found to be always cooperative and prepared for her tasks and shows a great deal of interest in her academic successes. She is a hard worker and we appreciate having her in our classrooms.

Devin G. has a great attitude toward his work in class and toward his classmates. He is always willing to be cooperative and communicate to others to aid in understanding. He shows much determination toward his work that is difficult and asks questions for clarification. He is a pleasure to have in class. 
8th Grade: Ja'Qorie and Charles
We selected these two students for November's 8th grade students of the month because of their work ethics.  They are both diligent when it comes to their class assignments and make up work.  Ja'Qorie and Charles are becoming independent learners on their journey to get to SBHS!  We see much success from these hard-working 8th graders. 


Caedyn L:  Caedyn's honesty is one of her strongest traits as a JMS STEM learner!  In the sixth grade she shows how a determined and innovative thinker can be successful.  We're proud of you, Caedyn.

Tywain S: Tywain offers a strong scientific mind to any STEM activity.  As an effective communicator, Tywain shows how important it is to not only speak eloquently, but listen to the input of others effectively.

Le'Landra J: She is always on task and innovative in class. She is very determined about her work and makes sure she has good understanding before proceeding. She is also found to be cooperative to help her group members when they need it.

Toby H - Toby is a great example of a dedicated student. Toby is found to show determination when he doesn't understand a concept by questioning and thinking through to understand. He is also cooperative with his group members when working collaboratively.

Kelci M
Kelci is representing one of our 8th grade students of the month for October.  Kelci always puts forth her best effort in her school work.  She has a positive attitude and is always willing to learn new material.  Kelci is showing us that she is getting ready for high school and is a delight to have in the classroom!  

Phillip H
Phillip is our second student of the month for October.  He is dependable and focused when it comes to school.  Phillip is always willing to help others and shows maturity.  He will be more than prepared for high school with such a great personality and work ethic!

Students of the Month September

Jacob V
Jacob is an excellent example of a sixth grade cooperative and effective communicator.  As a student that's new to these new ways of learning, Jacob has "taken the bull by the horns" and is now a budding leader inside the classroom as he commandeers the critical thinking ship and helps to sail his team to success!
Lydia B
Lydia's natural critical thinking skills enhance not only her academic success, but also strengthen her relationship with her peers as well!  She truly works with a spirit of determination, and this determined attitude becomes contagious!  
Ella Mack  
Ella is a very polite and kind-hearted young lady. She works very hard in class and asks questions for clarification. She is always willing to lend a hand to her fellow classmates and teachers. She is a joy to have in class.
Raymond M
Raymond is a polite and bright-minded young man. He works very hard and always has a smile on his face. He is mild-mannered and a joy to have in class.
Laurel H
Laurel is off to a fantastic start!  She asks intelligent questions and is very attentive in class.  Laurel will go the extra mile when it comes to her school work.  We are proud to have her represent 8th grade for the month of September.
Justin P

Justin has the best personality!  He comes to class prepared and is always willing to help others.  Justin is dependable and gets along with everyone. 8th grade is going to be his best year, yet!