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Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year. I hope you are well rested and your summer has rejuvenated your love and passion for excellence. As students of Jackson Middle School, we ask that you take full advantage of the many extracurricular and academic opportunities offered to you.
Please take the time to read and study your agenda book. Familiarize yourself with the standard rules and regulations outlined. This book will serve as a guide and pass for this 2015-2016 academic school year. 
Success is not given, it’s earned!
The mission of Jackson Middle School is to provide a challenging, disciplined environment that promotes an enthusiasm for learning and encourages community involvement while preparing students for their next level of education.
1.     Students will treat others and themselves with respect for cultural diversity.
2.     Students will communicate effectively.
3.     Students will think critically and creatively.
4.     Students will be productive citizens.
5.     Students will practice healthy lifestyles.
6.     Students will maximize their potential.
At Jackson Middle School, school pride is developed through scholastic accomplishments and participation in extracurricular activities, with a focus on maintaining high standards of behavior, appearance, and grooming. The following policies provide a structure in which this is possible and students are able to develop personal esteem that will enrich not only themselves but the community as well. 
Student agendas are provided to students to help with organization and to provide communication with the parents (test scores, assignments, etc.). Students are to use their own agendas for hall passes as well.   If the student does not have his/her agenda, he/she will not be allowed to leave the classroom unless the student is sick, injured, or called to the office. If this occurs, the student is to be issued a hall pass. If an agenda is lost, a replacement should be purchased within one week from the front office for a fee of $5.00.
It will be the student’s responsibility to:
1.    Have the official Jackson Middle School student agenda book in every class each day.
2.    Copy the homework assignment for every class. If there is no assignment, the student will write “none” in the space provided.
3.    Consider using the agenda for personal planning as well, i.e. club meetings, sporting events, parties, family events, etc.
4.    Be sure your parent or guardian sees your agenda every day after school.
It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to:
1.    Ask to see the agenda book every day.
2.    Monitor homework assignments and their completion.
3.    Sign the agenda at the end of each week so the teacher knows you are up-to-date on your child’s assignments.
4.    Send notes regarding absences the day following the absence.
5.    Include your child in planning family events and recording them in the agenda.
It is the teacher’s responsibility to:
1.    Assist students in the appropriate use of the agenda book.
2.    Have clear, concise homework assignments posted for students to record in their agenda.
3.    Have clear, concise expectations of special projects including checkpoint dates and final due dates.
4.    Use the agenda as a means of communication (as needed) with the parent/guardian, expecting a response from the parent/guardian.
Supervision for students is provided beginning at 7:30 a.m. Buses are not to unload nor are parents to drop off students before 7:30 a.m. Upon arrival between 7:30 a.m. and 7:55 a.m., car riders will be dropped off in front of the new cafeteria and students are to report to their assigned areas. Eighth grade students are to report to the cafeteria. Sixth and seventh grade students are to report to the gymnasium. Sixth grade students are to sit on the visitors (east) side of the gym. Seventh grade students are to sit on the home (west) side of the gym.
Students may report to the cafeteria for breakfast without a pass. They must have their signed agendas to go anywhere else. Students are not to enter classroom areas before 7:55 a.m. Students are not to be dropped off at the main entrance before 7:55 a.m. Students are to use restrooms by the cafeteria during this time. Students are not to stop at restrooms or water fountains in the halls on the way to classes.
1. Absences are excused in the following cases: personal illness, serious illness of a member of the immediate family, or death of a member of the immediate family. (In the case of illness, a doctor’s statement may be required.)
2. Excuses for these absences should be dated and include date or dates of absences and the reason for the absence. The excuse should be brought to the attendance office on the day the student returns. The excuse must be signed by a parent. 
3. Pre-arranged absences for a day or a fraction of a day for other causes are subject to review. A pre-arranged absence is not automatically an excused absence. A request, written and signed by the parent, must be made in advance giving the reason for the absence, date of requested absence, parent’s signature and telephone number. This request should be carried first to the office for the principal’s approval and then to each subject teacher whose class will be missed.
4. A student must attend each class a minimum number of days each instructional period before he can receive consideration for credit. For semester instructional periods, the minimum days attendance required is 85 days. For yearly classes the minimum attendance requirement is 170 days. The previous rule will not apply to cases of extended or chronic illness that is certified by a physician, and absences due to emergency conditions that are approved by the principal as excusable. At such time as absences become excessive, the principal may require a doctor’s statement for each absence.   The doctor’s statement should be presented to the attendance office within (5) days of the student’s return to school
5.    Students must be in attendance at school to participate in extracurricular activities on that day.
6.   Students returning to school from absences must first report to the front office to submit written notes and obtain written readmit slips. The office personnel will determine if absences are lawful or unlawful. If a teacher’s knowledge of a student’s absence differs from the readmit slip, the teacher is to notify the office. No student is to be readmitted to homeroom or any class without the readmit slip from the office. Students turn in admit slips to the last period teacher. Teacher’s are to turn in admit slips to the attendance clerk’s mailbox at the end of the day. Any questions concerning attendance may be directed to Christie Kellems, Attendance Secretary.
All students arriving after the 8:05 a.m. bell must sign-in through the main office.    Teachers will be notified by PA announcement to expect students from any late bus.
Students who walk to school or ride in cars arriving after 8:05 a.m. must obtain a late arrival admit slip. Illness is the only accepted excuse for being tardy to school. Excuses for tardiness to school must:
A.    Be dated.
B.    State reason for lateness. (Only acceptable excuse is illness.)
C.   Be written and signed by a parent or guardian 
D.   Be submitted to the secretary by the student that day immediately upon arriving.
Unexcused tardies to school are to be treated the same as tardies to class and cumulative across all classes.
If a student becomes physically ill or is injured during the school day, he/she should report to the office with a signed agenda or emergency pass from the teacher. A student will NOT be allowed to leave until the parent is contacted.   The school will make every effort to contact a parent/guardian by telephone in emergencies.
Students may be dismissed only to a parent/guardian or authorized person who must sign out the student in the office. Dismissals should be at the end of instructional class periods. No student sign-outs are allowed after 2:55.
Student dismissal is at 3:14 p.m. Students must report to designated areas immediately. Walkers are to leave campus immediately. Car riders are to report to the front of the school immediately, and must remain there until picked up. Bus riders are to report to the gym immediately and remain in designated areas.
It is essential that we have a correct address, phone numbers, and email addresses for parents at all times. These are essential if we are to effectively communicate with parents. Please call or come by the school office anytime there is information that needs to be updated on your child’s registration card.
If it is necessary to withdraw from school or transfer to another school, parents should notify the guidance counselor no later than homeroom period of the day of withdrawal. Ample time must be given to clear the student through the office and the library, to collect textbooks, and to assemble grades from various teachers. 
Withdrawal forms require the signature of a parent/guardian. Grades and other information will be inaccessible to other schools unless the student has completely cleared this school, turned in all books, and paid all fees and fines.
All notices of club meetings, athletics, social events, general information for the day, and specific instructions are announced over the P.A. system each morning and posted on the school web page (http://jacksonm.acps.schoolfusion.us).  
A nutritious breakfast and lunch are served each day in the school cafeteria. The cost for breakfast is $1.60 (full-pay) and $0.30 (reduced) and lunch is $2.15 (full-pay) and $0.40 (reduced). Students may pay with cash, check, or online. Students using the cafeteria are asked to observe the following rules:
     Enter and leave the cafeteria at a walk.
     Go through the serving line one time only.
     Be seated and remain seated at your table.
     Enter and leave the cafeteria during lunch period only with the permission from the teacher in charge.
     Conversation at lunch tables is not only permitted, but desirable. However, loud and boisterous talk, yelling, screaming, etc. are definitely not acceptable.
     Students are not to throw any object-no matter how small, for however short a distance.
     Students are not to take food of any kind from the cafeteria.
     Leave the table clean and suitable for luncheon use by other students.
Students may buy snacks, fruit juices, and/or bottled water from the canteen area. Students must properly dispose of their own trash. No food may be purchased from the canteen with less than ten minutes left in the lunch period. The canteen only accepts dollar bills and silver coins.
      The Aiken County Board of Education finds that the use of personal communication devices by students during the school day has had an adverse effect on classroom instruction, student punctuality, test security, personal student privacy, the ability of school officials to maintain discipline and to maintain order during times of emergency.   Middle school students may bring a paging device or cell phone onto school grounds provided that such device is left or stored immediately upon coming into the school building in the student’s locker. This rule applies during the school day hours and at off-campus activities during the school day hours. Cell phones will not be activated during school bus rides to and from school unless specifically authorized by the driver for special circumstances.
       As outlined in district policy JICJ, if a device is confiscated, it will be returned to parents/guardians. For the first incident in each case, devices will be returned to parents/guardians that sign a contract outlining the conditions of return. All confiscated items will be secured at the school site until they are returned. Violation(s) of this policy will result in the following disciplinary actions:first offense; in-school suspension (1 day); second offense; in-school suspension (3 days); third offense; out-of-school suspension and loss of phone privilege; and fourth offense; expulsion recommendation.
JMS has basketball, football, and volleyball teams comprised of 7th and 8th graders. Sixth graders do not participate in school sports teams but are encouraged to attend games to show their support.   JMS also has an outstanding middle school band program.   Other clubs include the Chess Club, Student Council, Beta Club, and Academic Team. 
Jackson Middle School has six school-wide rules:
     Follow directions
     Show respect to all
     No chewing gum, eating, or drinking in the hallways and classrooms
     Keep hands and feet to yourself
     Avoid making unnecessary noises
     Report to class with all needed materials
Students are expected to exercise the highest standards of self-respect, self-discipline, and self-responsibility, all of which minimize the need for external rules and controls. These rules and expectations are applicable during the following times and in the following places:
1. On school grounds before and after school hours.
2. On or off school grounds at any school activity, function, or event.
Discipline will be administered in accordance with the Aiken County School Discipline Code. Listed below are offenses that will result in disciplinary action and the recommended consequences of these actions. School administration reserves the right to adapt consequences at their discretion.
Level I Offenses:
Level I offenses are those activities which disrupts the classroom procedures, instructional activities, or operation of the school. Some examples of level I offenses may include but not limited to:
1.     Talking to other students                                                              
2.     Throwing paper or other items                                   
3.     Talking out of turn                                                     
4.     Teasing                                                                       
5.     Inappropriate language                                               
6.     Name calling directed toward other students                                   
7.     Horseplay
8.     Tardy to class
9.     Dress Code violations- after the first offense students will receive ISS
A student may receive a maximum of 3 lunch detentions per semester. If a student fails to serve an after school detention, he/she will immediately be assigned an in-school detention. A maximum of 3 after-school detentions (ASD) will be given. A student may receive progressive suspensions to include in-school- and out-of-school suspensions. Administration will assign the number of days for ASD, ISS, or OSS depending on the severity of the infraction. Parents will receive a written letter in the mail after each referral. A student may be recommended for expulsion as deemed necessary by administration. 
If a student is caught cheating on a test/exam the first offense he/she will receive a grade of “0”, second offense will result in a referral and a grade of “0” and the 3rd offense will result in out-of school suspension and a grade of “0”.
Students are given three minutes between classes from the sound of the bell. After three minutes, a student will be counted tardy if not in the classroom and/or appropriately seated. Any repetition of this act may warrant the following consequences:
1st Tardy – Recorded/Notified
2nd Tardy – Warning (Written to student)
3rd Tardy – Lunch Detention (Phone Call to Parent by Teacher)
4th Tardy – After-School Detention/Phone Call to Parent by Administrator
5th Tardy – ISS and Phone Call to Parent by Administrator
***All tardies thereafter will be handled using the sequence of progressive discipline (see disruptive conduct).
Tardies are cumulative for the semester for all subjects. The only excused tardies are for medical reasons or illness.
Level II Offenses
These are offenses considered to be major disruption to the school’s educational environment and /or significant violations of the rights of others. Some examples of level II offenses may include but not limited to:
1.    acts of aggression (fighting)
2.    possession of tobacco/tobacco products
3.    threat against other student(s) or teachcr(s)
4.    inappropriate language, profanity, or obscene gestures directed at school personnel; cutting school; sexual harassment (student to student)
5.    vandalism or theft (below $50.00)
Consequences of any behavior mentioned above which disrupts the school environment will be determined by administrators. See Code of Student Conduct for other Level II Offenses.
Parent will be contacted and/or conferences held for each of the offenses above.
Level III Offenses
These violations are considered disruptive and/or criminal, or are otherwise so serious in nature that OSS with an expulsion recommendation must be initiated on the first offense. Expulsions are determined by the Tribunal. Some examples are as follows:
     1. Arson
     2. Assault and battery
     3. Possession, use or transfer of dangerous weapons
     4. Sexual offenses
     5. Vandalism
     6. Furnishing, selling, or possession of control substances (drugs, narcotics, or poisons)      
Expulsion level offenses are located in your Code of Student Conduct. 
Consequence(s) for Criminal Conduct – OSS, expulsion recommendation, restitution of property damages and other sanctions as deemed necessary. A police report and/or charges will be filed.
Pursuant to State Law, Persons entering school property are deemed to have consented to a search of their person and property. (Act 373 of 1994) School administrators will contact law enforcement authorities immediately upon notice that a person is engaging in certain activities on school property or at a school sanctioned or sponsored activity. Those activities are ones that may result, or do in fact result, in injury or serious threat or injury to the person or to another person on his/her property.
Discipline Notice- Students will be given a discipline notice for each infraction to be taken home and shared with parents. Copies are kept in the student’s discipline folder, returned to reporting teacher or staff member, filed, and entered in the system’s database. Parents will be notified by letter of all suspensions and after school detentions.
All students are to dress in a manner appropriate for school. The following information is to be used as a guide:
1. All students are to wear shoes at all times.
2. No student may wear a hat or other head coverings in the building. Items will be confiscated.
3. No student may wear a shirt with inappropriate/ suggestive language or advertisements for alcohol and cigarettes.
4. No student may wear halters, tank tops, sheer tops, or clothing exposing, cleavage, the midriff or undergarments.
5. No students may wear costumes.
6. No shades/sunglasses are to be worn indoors.
7. No student may wear shorts or skirts that are inappropriately short. They should be no more than 2 inches above the knee.   
8. “Sagging” pants are not permitted. Pants are to be worn at the waist with a belt with no underwear showing.
9. Pajamas, nightwear, or bedroom shoes are not permitted.
10. Leggings/jeggings are not permitted.
11. Students may not wear jeans with holes.
Teachers will enforce dress code. For the first offense, the student will be allowed to call home for a change of clothes. If contact cannot be made, the student will be assigned to ISS for the remainder of the day. Any repeat offenses will result in an immediate assignment to ISS. The administration reserves the right to determine appropriateness of dress.
Upon arrival to school students assigned ISS will report promptly to the cafeteria and remain there until escorted to ISS. They are not to report to homeroom, to their locker, or any other place in the building. Students must have subject area books and necessary items. If students do not have necessary materials, an alternate assignment will be given. A detailed list of ISS rules will be provided upon assignment of ISS.
Assemblies may be held for special events, speakers and performances, etc. Students move in a single file line with the teacher to the gym and follow directions for seating. Teachers will sit with their students. Good audience behavior includes keeping feet and hands to oneself, not talking, paying attention and listening and applauding appropriately.
After-school and evening dances are scheduled several times during the year, usually as fundraisers for clubs and activities. Parents are always invited to chaperone. Students who have been suspended in any form before and/or between dances will not be allowed to attend.
The School District is committed to equal opportunity for all of its students and patrons. District programs and activities shall be free from discrimination based upon race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, sex, age, or any other unlawful consideration. Persons who believe they have been discriminated against should contact the principal of this school, the Area Office, or the School District’s Coordinator for Section 504 concerns, Title IX concerns, and other Civil Rights matters (at 803-641-2428). Copies of applicable policies are available upon request. (See Policy JC, and Administrative Rule JC-R; Policy JC-2 and Administrative Rule JC-2R)
Educational Records - Confidentiality
(Certain Exceptions)
Under federal law parents and students have a right to expect the confidentiality of student records. Educational agencies may act to declare certain aspects of a student’s educational records to be “directory information,” meaning information contained in such records which is not considered to be generally harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. The Aiken County Board of Education has previously determined that “directory information” could be released to third parties upon request, at the discretion of the school principal. Federal law and regulatory authority allows the release of such information without prior consent subject to certain conditions of pre-disclosure to parents or students. The purpose of this notice is to meet such pre-disclosure requirements.
Under District policy the following information is considered to be releasable: the student’s name, address, telephone number, date and place of birth, subjects of study, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, date of attendance (on both an annual and daily basis), diplomas and awards received, photographs and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student. (Examples of the types of information frequently released include, but are not limited to, Senior Class Listings,Annuals/Yearbooks, Science Fair Winners, Students of the Month, Honor Roll Lists, National Honor Society, athletic event programs, etc.) A parent or guardian of a student attending Aiken County Public Schools who would prefer that any or all of the information designated above not be released without the parent’s or guardian’s prior consent should so notify the office of the Deputy Superintendent in writing (1000 Brookhaven Drive, Aiken, SC 29803) no later than August 25, 2007.
 If there are any questions, please contact Mr. David Caver, Deputy Superintendent, at (803) 641-2514.
Instructional fees are necessary to provide materials vital to the educational program. It is expected that fees be paid for every student. Should a severe hardship exist, it will be the parent’s responsibility to construct a fee plan with the principal or his designee. Fees are due at registration.
Fees are as follows:
**Students receiving free lunch- pay no fee         
**Students receiving reduced lunch- pay 25% of the fee
**Students paying full lunch price- pay 100% of the fee.
Parents are encouraged to pay all school fees as noted. For questions or special arrangements, please contact the school’s Bookkeeper.
Emergency drills are a serious matter. When you enter a classroom, look for the fire drill card on the bulletin board and read the instructions. When the signal for the drill is given, go quietly and quickly as directed by your teacher. Go single file down the hall and do not talk. Procedures for drills will be reviewed by teachers in each classroom.
The principal will approve educational trips that relate directly to the program of instruction and which do not consume time in excess of that which is scheduled for instructional purposes. It is the responsibility of the student to get assignments for the classes to be missed prior to the field trip and make up all work missed. The absence from the classes missed is a lawful absence. STUDENTS MUST HAVE PRIOR PARENTAL PERMISSION FOR ALL TRIPS.   No school-sponsored group may be sent to represent the school without an adult school sponsor. Field trips are an extension of the classroom and, therefore, are for the purpose of extending the instruction to a setting outside of school. Students or children other than those for which the filed trip has been approved may not attend or accompany the group as part of this extended classroom activity.
Grades are recorded on report cards by numerals. Report cards are issued four times per year. Interim report cards are sent out by the end of the fifth week in all nine-week sessions.  Grades on report cards are as indicated below: 
Letter Grade                 Numerical Grade
         A                         93 - 100
         B                         85 - 92
         C                         77 - 84
         D                         70-76
         F                         Below 70
Credit is given for any course with grades above 70. Students must satisfy the Aiken County Promotion Policy before passing to the next grade.
Counseling service is available to all students. The guidance counselor is available to help with problems concerning both school and one’s personal life. The school counselor or your teacher will be happy to try to help you with these problems. 
Orderly movement between classes is necessary for safety. Running, yelling, loitering, pushing, horseplay, etc. are not permitted.
The development of skills, knowledge and positive attitudes within the public schools may certainly be increased with the inclusion of appropriate homework assignments. Homework is of great importance in reinforcing materials taught within the class, introducing new material, and determining academic strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, teachers at Jackson Middle School will assign appropriate (in length and subject matter) homework for their students.
Students can achieve “A” Honor Roll status by maintaining a grade of “A” in all classes. Students can achieve “A/B” Honor Roll status by maintaining a “B” or better in all classes. 
If it is necessary for school to be canceled or dismissed early, please listen to your local radio or television stations for announcements.
Our media center is open before and after school as well as during the school day. It offers a variety of services such as:
     Assistance is given in the preparation of individual projects and activities related to classroom instruction. The media specialist is always on hand, ready to cooperate, to direct, to share with you her experience and the facilities of the media center.
     Opportunities for reading and browsing among the books are available. Whether you are reading for pleasure or to supplement your class assignment, you can find what you want among the different types of books.
     The latest magazines and newspapers are accessible.
The media center opens at 7:30 AM and closes at 3:30 PM Monday through Friday. Students may come to the library during lunch if they have a signed agenda from a teacher for the purpose of checking out or returning books. Students are encouraged to use the media centerWITHDRAWAL FROM SCHOOL
If it is necessary to withdraw from school or transfer to another school, parents should notify the guidance counselor no later than homeroom period of the day of withdrawal. Ample time must be given to clear the student through the office and the library, to collect textbooks, and to assemble grades from various teachers. 
Withdrawal forms require the signature of a parent/guardian. Grades and other information will be inaccessible to other schools unless the student has completely cleared this school, turned in all books, and paid all fees and fines. both for pleasure and to supplement class assignments.
Each student is assigned a locker for the storage of books and equipment. It is the student’s responsibility to see that his locker is kept locked and in order at all times. Since lockers are a permanent part of the building, students are expected to keep them in good condition. No one should leave classes to go to his locker except with special permission. Only school issued locks are to be put on school lockers.   Students may go to lockers at the designated times for the grade and/or class. Failure to keep lockers locked and closed properly will result in revocation of locker privileges. Students must replace lost locks within one week. These may be purchased for $5.00 in the back office.
Students are to be given an opportunity to make up any work missed due to an excused absence or suspension. Students are responsible for requesting make-up work.
If a parent is aware that a student must be absent for two or more days (due to illness or suspension), the parent may request assignments. Parents should contact the front office to make arrangements for assignment requests and pick up.
Students are not allowed to take any kind of medicine without a doctor’s prescription and/or written permission from a parent. All medication must be LABELED with the student’s name, name of the medication, and directions for administering.   Prescription medications and over the counter medication must be in original containers. The medicine and permission slip are to be given to the nurse or secretary in the main office before the end of homeroom. The student will then come to the office to take the medicine. Please refer to Aiken County School District Medication Policy for further information.
The office is open during the day 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM. Students are reminded to come to the office for legitimate business only with a pass from the teacher. Visits should be brief and businesslike. Students should make an appointment for lengthy discussions with the principal.
At no time should parents be in doubt of their child’s progress. Parents are notified of student progress through the interim reports and report cards. Parents may also access student information through Parent Portal. If parents still have questions, or feel that there has been a misunderstanding, they may call the school for an appointment with the teacher, counselor, or principal.   
Students who wish to talk with a teacher about any problems should request a conference with the teacher before or after school, or a time convenient to both during the regular school day. 
Teachers may also request a responsibility conference with a student in order to give or arrange individual help, or to clear up any misunderstanding.
1.   Classroom doors are kept locked at all times.
2. Teachers monitor the hallways and breezeways at the change of classes and before and after school.
3. Students are kept in the gym and cafeteria for monitoring before and after school. Administrators are on duty.
4. All visitors must sign in at the front office and wear an identifying badge at all times.
5. Teachers frequently review the Crisis Response Handbook and emergency drills are conducted. 
6. Local police are on campus occasionally.
7. Callback systems are available in the classrooms.
8. Walkie-talkies and the cellular phones are used for on-campus adult communication.
9. Students are supervised when traveling. All students on individual errands must carry a pass. The receiving school personnel must sign the pass to return the student to class.
10. The school is monitored by all school staff. 
Staff members are on duty to supervise students beginning at 7:30 in the morning and until 3:30 daily. The school cannot be responsible for students on campus before or after these times. Students who are attending a designated activity must remain with the teacher responsible for the activity.
The office phone is a business phone. Students may not use the school phones. In case of an emergency, calls will be made for the student by office personnel. Parents should make every effort to give any message to your child prior to their leaving in the morning. Only in case of an emergency will the school attempt to deliver messages to students at the end of the day.
Textbooks are owned by the state and are provided at no cost to the student. Each student is responsible for textbooks issued to him. Students must pay for lost books or any damage done to books. Books should be checked carefully by the student and teachers should be informed of any previous damage or abuse to the textbook. Lost books must be paid for and replaced within five days.
New textbooks cost in excess of $65.00. Therefore, the proper care of textbooks is extremely important. All textbooks less than four years old should be covered. All textbooks are bar coded. This way we can identify to whom a textbook is issued. If this barcode is removed form the book, the student possessing that book will be responsible for paying the replacement cost of that book. 
Questions regarding textbooks should be directed to the Assistant Principal.
Students are not allowed to bring visitors to school. Parents are always welcome, but are encouraged to make an appointment to see a teacher or the principal. All visitors must receive permission from the school office before going to any other part of the building or school grounds.